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Don’t Get Killed by Open Enrollment Deadlines

Everything happens at once!  Doesn’t it feel like that during 4th Quarter?  Not only are companies busy wrapping up the year, trying to meet goals and prepare for next year, but employees will soon be wrapping up in blankets at football games, wrapping twine around the turkey to roast or deep fry it, and wrappingContinue Reading

New DOL Laws Mean More Texans Working ‘Overtime’ Come December

New federal rules that control when workers are paid overtime wages are changing what it means for employees to be “on the clock.” For Texas businesses, the changes signal a whole new set of regulatory compliance challenges come December 1, 2016. Overtime pay is common among hourly employees, who typically earn time-and-a-half wages for hoursContinue Reading

Take Your Culture Seriously or No One Will

Karlyn Borysenko has seen a lot of hard places to work. A consultant studying for her PhD in organizational psychology, she gets asked to go in, diagnose, and tell business leaders the truths about their work cultures they don’t want to hear. Even at companies where positivity is policy, she often finds leaders’ efforts lacking.Continue Reading

How ‘Cool’ Perks Land Business Owners in Hot Water

A happy worker is a productive worker, common sense says, but despite some studies that claim to reveal this correlation, over 70 years of research has not yet proved the axiom true. Little wonder: It’s a tough thing to measure. These are subjective concepts, after all. What it means for an employee to be “happy” andContinue Reading

Auto-enroll Alone Won’t Make Your 401k Great Again

Only a fool would walk away from free money, especially if that money adds up to tens of thousands of dollars over a career. But the reality is that most employees don’t invest enough in their retirement plans to reach their goals. One-third of employees fail to participate in company-sponsored 401k plans when offered. AndContinue Reading

Avoid the Cadillac Tax by Adopting Voluntary Benefits

One part of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that has business owners shifting toward offering more voluntary benefits is the Cadillac Tax. Due to go into effect in 2018, this 40 percent levy on “high cost” health care plans was created to offset the costs of the ACA. Exposure to the tax is based onContinue Reading

10 Strangely Useful Workplace Wellness Technologies

Thanks to changes in workplace law and economic pressures raising health care costs, employers are now leveraging the workplace to improve employee health more than ever before. Today’s workplace wellness programs offer more than just fruit in the vending machines; they take direct aim at employee’s blood pressure, cholesterol, body-mass index and smoking habits. 10Continue Reading

Embracing and Incorporating Workplace Flexibility

One measure of a great company that is often overlooked in the business world is the ability to create and preserve an environment of work-life balance. Sharply contrasting this ideal, many employees are being paid for 40 hours’ worth of work on a weekly basis, yet a 2014 Gallup Study found that Americans work an averageContinue Reading

How to Secure Fortune 500-Level Employee Benefits for Your Small Business

Determining which employee benefits to offer, if any, is a difficult choice that many small business owners face today. Investing in benefits such as medical, dental and vision insurance, a 401k plan, and disability and life insurance for your employees could be the difference between retaining key employees and losing them to a competitor. ButContinue Reading

3 Reasons Why Employee Benefits are Critical to Small Business Growth

As a small business owner, you undoubtedly want to see your business grow. While it’s no secret that maximizing sales and minimizing expenses are key to growing a profitable enterprise, offering employee benefits can play a vital role in business growth. 3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Offering Employee Benefits Recruit new employees – TheContinue Reading

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