Expertise is defined by Webster’s as “a high level of knowledge or skill”.  Many businesses simply can’t afford to hire experts on staff.  For this reason, it has become commonplace for companies to contract with outside accountants and attorneys.  Ever-changing laws and regulations make having an accountant and attorney a must for any business.

What about state and federal labor laws and regulations?  What about payroll, payroll deductions, and payroll taxes?  What about Workers’ Compensation? What about Safety regulations?  All these things affect every business and yet many keep these functions in-house, assigned to staff who are not experts.

Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) step in with services such as Human Resource, Payroll, Workers’ Compensation and Safety while ensuring the business owner remains in control.  It is the best of both worlds—expertise where you need it without changing to way you do business.  In fact, 98% of business owners who utilize PEO services would recommend it to a colleague.  That’s because PEOs help business owners free up time to focus on their business.  A recent study shows businesses who utilize PEO services tend to grow their business 7-9% faster.

All PEOs are not alike.  When you phone, some large national companies ask you to “press 1” after listening to a long, automated message.  You finally get through to a random customer service representative who reads your information for the first time from a computer screen as they try to assist you or answer your question.

A small Mom-and-Pop might answer the phone on the first ring but “have to get back to you” as they struggle to keep up with ever-changing regulations and to get payroll out on time.

UniqueHR is…well, unique.  UniqueHR is a family-owned organization.  Several of the family members are leaders in the PEO industry, affecting legislation and holding key positions in certification and association boards over the years.   They don’t just know the PEO industry, they helped shape it.

UniqueHR has grown from one office in Corpus Christi, Texas to more than 10 offices throughout Texas, California, and Nevada.  The staff are truly experts in their field:

  • 37% of the Accounting staff are CPAs and more than two-thirds have a college degree.
  • 40% of the Human Resource Service Team have earned the PHR and SHRM-CP designations and several have state-specific designations for California and Texas.
  • 28% of the Payroll staff are payroll certified professionals.
  • Workers’ Compensation claims are handled by licensed Insurance Adjusters.
  • Safety Managers have too many certifications to list in a single bullet point.

Though UniqueHR has grown over the decades, callers are greeted by a person, not an automated system.  If you want to speak with Garry Bradford, the owner, just ask—the receptionist will connect you.

Payroll Specialists work with the same clients each month, so they know the client and the client’s way of doing things.  Human Resource Representatives build relationships and trust with clients to ensure client employees are taken care of, issues don’t escalate, and clients are protected.  Workers’ Compensation Adjusters handle claims quickly and get employees back to work.  Safety Managers visit the client onsite, assess the work environment, make recommendations, conduct training, and assist with OSHA filings.

UniqueHR is a full-service solution, offering employee benefits like health, dental, vision, life, and disability insurance, and 401K plans.   The Unique Insurance Group staff have been licensed insurance agents for more than 30 years.  If you are short-handed or have an open position, Unique Employment Staffing Managers can assist with temporary assignments or help you fill a permanent position.

UniqueHR clients become one of the family.  In fact, many have been members of the Unique family for more than 20 years. That’s because UniqueHR is the perfect blend of expertise, professionalism, and the human touch.

If you’re ready to free up your time to grow your business, get the expertise you need, and be treated like a human, give UniqueHR a call.  361-852-6392 or 800-824-8367.