Ever-Changing Compliance Regulations for Growing Businesses

Entrepreneurship For many aspiring entrepreneurs, the pursuit of independence fuels their initial desire for business ownership. While serving one’s community with valuable services often sits at the heart of their motivation, achieving profit maximization and client satisfaction entails significant responsibilities. Among these lies HR compliance laws, a non-customer-facing area that holds immense power over yourContinue Reading

5 Steps to Succession Planning

Succession planning is a common topic in a family-owned business, like UniqueHR.  It has been a long-term plan for Chris Bradford to carry on the business after his parents retire.  Although Chris has worked in the business since high school, careful planning will ensure a smooth transition to the next generation.  Chris’ son, Nick hasContinue Reading

Auto-enroll Alone Won’t Make Your 401k Great Again

Only a fool would walk away from free money, especially if that money adds up to tens of thousands of dollars over a career. But the reality is that most employees don’t invest enough in their retirement plans to reach their goals. One-third of employees fail to participate in company-sponsored 401k plans when offered. AndContinue Reading

3 Ways To Max Defined Contribution Plan ROI

Businesses have many options when it comes to choosing a company retirement plan. Many opt for employer-sponsored defined contributions plans like a 401(k) or profit sharing scheme, any of which can bring big benefits to employees and business owners alike. Ensuring a good return, however, involves more than stashing money and waiting for it toContinue Reading

Undefined Benefits: 4 Steps to Bolster Your Smallbiz 401k

Retirement management is often put on the back burner. Our busy schedules, limited budgets and personal desires (foreign travel, fast cars, fancy dinners, etc.) always get in the way. Businesses can help their employees — and help themselves in the process. The ability to provide retirement benefits and help employees manage them is not onlyContinue Reading

The Multiple Employer Plan: A Game Changer for Small Business Retirement Management

It’s no secret that the future of Social Security is bleak. Current predictions indicate that the Social Security trust fund could run out by the year 2037. Unfortunately, the hard reality is that Social Security funds will not be there when today’s young workforce retires. With this government funding crisis looming over the heads ofContinue Reading

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