One of the biggest challenges for many small to mid-sized businesses is being able to retain top talent.

Employee turnover is time-consuming and can become costly for a business, but UniqueHR’s PEO services can help with employee retention and reduce some of those costs.


Turnover rate varies by industry, but the US average comes in at 18%, with a large spike coming in April of 2021 as nearly 4 million people voluntarily left their jobs in that month alone.

With that loss came many indirect costs, most stemming from productivity issues. When factoring in the cost of termination, cost of replacement, vacancy costs, and productivity loss, the average cost to replace an employee is about 33% of said employee’s annual pay.


Human Resources: When it comes to a work atmosphere, structure and fit are important. Our HR professionals offer assistance in developing employee handbooks and procedures, recruitment consultations, on-site and online human resource training programs, consultations on employee-related issues, and more.

Finding the right fit for your organization, having a dependable HR structure, and effective employee communication can lead to overall better morale and employee satisfaction.

Offer more: Higher pay and flexible schedules are just some of the perks employees might enjoy about their jobs, but sometimes that isn’t enough. Good benefits also go a long way toward keeping employees satisfied and ensuring retention. When partnered with UniqueHR, smaller companies may be able to offer higher-end benefits such as 401(k) plans, health insurance, and ancillary insurance.

Less wasted time: UniqueHR alleviates many of the administrative burdens of HR, saving our clients valuable time and allowing them to enjoy increased productivity and the time to focus on profitability.


While businesses saw numerous employees walk away from their jobs over the course of the past two years, PEO clients have been able to weather those storms, showing a 10 to 14% decrease turnover rates.

It’s one of the reasons why UniqueHR has a 92% client retention rate.

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