A recent survey by Public Opinion Strategies found that small businesses across a wide range of industries and sectors, depend on a variety of business services.  Of the small business owners surveyed, more than 65% of the companies utilize payroll and insurance broker services.   More than 35% of respondents indicated the company uses human resource services.  What surprised us the most is only 12% of these companies use Professional Employer Organization (PEO) Services.

Business services provide expertise that most small businesses cannot afford to hire in-house.  These providers help simplify the day-to-day by allowing the small company to focus on its core business, saving time and money.   Our question is, how much time and money are small businesses spending managing multiple service providers?

PEOs offer payroll, benefits, human resources, risk management and other services, all under one roof. This one-stop-shop approach saves more time and more money for small business, resulting in faster growth, better cost containment, and increased profitability.

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