Whether it’s a new start-up company, the start-up of a division or department, or the ramp up for a specific project, it takes a large commitment from management and operations. Enlisting the help of a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) can be the key to success.

With the changing business climate, a large company made the decision to bring back key manufacturing functions from overseas to the United States.  They had a short window in which to develop and start new plant operations, all while maintaining current production orders to large retailers across the country.

The main operational priorities included:

  • Setting up and staffing a 65,000 square foot facility
  • Managing Human Resource risk and compliance
  • Ensuring safety standards and compliance plans are in place
  • Maintaining operations to meet current customer commitments
  • Building a scalable, professional Human Resource structure to enable future success of the operations.

UniqueHR, a PEO headquartered in Texas was tapped to assist by:

  • Creating job descriptions and assisting in recruiting
  • Building job specifications and classification systems
  • Conducting compensation analyses and pay recommendations
  • Managing Human Resources, Payroll, Workers’ Compensation and Claims Management, Workplace Safety, and Staffing

Through this partnership, management and operations were able to focus on the core business priorities and successfully bring production home.  At a staff appreciation luncheon for the plan employees, the Chief Operating Officer highlighted a bright future:

 “We are very pleased with the production and quality output of our staff. The decision to bring a large percentage of manufacturing in house was a big decision–but the right decision. It gives us increased ownership and better responsiveness to our customers. We currently have a few “big box retailers” in our customer base, but our new domestic team is earning the right to manufacture to other key retail customers in the very near future. We have plans to bring more lines here and our domestic operation will grow as a result. Thanks to our partnership with UniqueHR, we were able to streamline the development and operation of the plant and maintain production commitments with our customers, all while mitigating employment risks and managing our related costs. With UniqueHR, more jobs will be coming to this facility!”

Whether you are coming home or coming into your own, trusting a PEO like UniqueHR with “back office” functions, can ensure your focus never shifts away from the success of your core business.