Fresno Human Resources

UniqueHR offers a number of Human Resource services for companies and employees in the Fresno area, and produce on-site and online Human Resource Training programs. We create custom employee handbooks and procedures for each company. We provide verifications including the Department of Human Services, Attorney General, Social Security Administration, and more. In addition to these services, we also handle background checks, employee status changes, and pre-employment screenings.

Fresno Human Resources

Fresno California sits on the San Joaquin River in the center of California. Fresno is located halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles. Fresno means “ash tree” in Spanish because Fresno is covered with Ash trees. For the outdoor lovers, Fresno is located only 60 miles from Yosemite National Park and Kings Canyon National Park, and 75 miles from Sequoia National Park. Visitors to Fresno can visit the Fresno Chaffee Zoo or Forestiere Underground Gardens.

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PEO Fresno CA

A PEO, professional employer organization, specializes in working with small and medium-sized businesses to provide HR services which include: payroll, benefits, tax administration, workers compensation, and more. This is done through a co-employment relationship and provides an integrated approach to HR solutions. NAPEO’s White Papers reports “businesses in a PEO arrangement grow 7-9 percent faster… and are 50 percent likely to go out of business.” By outsourcing administrative and employment responsibilities, companies and business owners are able to focus more of their time on their core business responsibilities. UniqueHR is NAPEO certified and has helped many businesses with their human resources needs. We hope to be your trusted PEO in Fresno.

Benefits Administration

Our Benefits Administration offerings in Fresno include Major Medical Group Health Insurance, Dental Care, Vision Care, and Health Savings Accounts. We also offer life insurance, short term and long term disability. Healthcare regulations are constantly changing and it’s hard to keep up. Unique HR uses their experience to help shoulder your compliance burdens, stem the paperwork tide and reduce the risk of noncompliance.

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Retirement Management

Planning for retirement is important to most employees. The hurdle for most businesses is to put together a 401(k) plan that is up-to-date, easy to use and cost effective. UniqueHR overcomes these hurdles for our clients with plan design, investment performance and service which are second to none. We offer a number of services that help you with retirement benefits.

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Workplace Safety

At UniqueHR, we have Worker Safety experts that assist and educate clients with a number of different programs. Our safety programs include Safety Program Development, Safety Manual Development and Implementation. We also offer Safety Meetings and Training, with specific training certifications. We also provide job site inspections and audits.

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Workers’ Compensation Fresno CA

There are many benefits of partnering with UniqueHR for Workers’ Compensation. We offer $1,000,000 Coverage, with excess limits up to 15 million if required. We provide workers’ compensation administration and claims management. We also offer exclusive remedy protection under workers’ compensation regulations. We also offer no premium down payment and relief from annual audits, adjustment of payments, and hearings by state.

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Staffing Fresno CA

UniqueHR clients have the added value of turning to Unique Employment Services for a cost-effective manpower solution for their direct hire, executive search, and temporary hiring needs. Our staffing agency has been serving the United States with excellence for nearly four decades. UniqueHR can help you with all your staffing needs in Fresno. We work hard to provide individuals with the best employment opportunities available.

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Payroll Services Fresno CA

UniqueHR’s payroll services include preparation of payroll, payroll registers and billing reports for Fresno area companies. We offer secure web-based time reporting, online access to earning reports, and year end W-2 forms. We complete the processing of wage garnishments and wage assignments. We prepare job costs and certified payrolls at no additional charge. We also provide a shift in liability for all state and federal tax compliance and reporting.

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Interviewing Tips

When interviewing, you should get answers to three questions:

  1. Is the applicant capable of performing the job? (Is the applicant at least capable of learning to carry out the essential responsibilities of the job after receiving training for a reasonable length of time?)
  2. Can the applicant be trusted with the responsibilities associated with the job?
  3. Is the applicant the best candidate for the position?

When interviewing, be tactful and careful. Under State and Federal laws, individuals are protected from discrimination at the application and interview stage of pre-employment. You only need enough information about an applicant to satisfy the requirements of the position. You must be careful not to ask any possible discriminatory questions.

Become familiar with the tips and questions in this section. Have them ready for quick review during the actual interview.

Interviewing Tips

  • Prepare for the interview. Become familiar with the job requirements and the applicant’s resume or application.
  • Always verify past employment history
  • All questions should be job related
  • Look for signs of achievement. Generally, the best indicator of future performance is past performance.

Consider using these, or similar interview questions. Ask open-ended questions which let the applicant do the talking, such as:

  • Tell me about your favorite job.
  • Tell me about your last job
  • What new skill have you developed over the past few years?
  • Tell me about a problem you overcame in your last job?

Probes, which clarify facts and attitudes. Examples are:

  • Do you enjoy talking to people on the phone?
  • How well do you react to direction from supervisors?
  • Would you object to wearing a uniform?
  • How would you feel if your supervisor asked you to do additional tasks?
  • How would you react to being asked to work overtime or on weekends?

Close-ended questions, which pin down an applicant’s response. These might include:

  • Are you able to work overtime whenever necessary?
  • Would you be able to accommodate a change in your work shift?
  • Does driving in inclement weather bother you?
  • Have ever punched a time clock before?

Assessment questions evaluate and applicant’s ability to manage themselves or others. Examples are:

  • Have you been given two jobs to do at once by different supervisors? How did you accomplish this?
  • Has a co-worker’s lack of skills ever interfered with your accomplishing a job?
  • What situation in your career made you the angriest at the time it occurred? Describe the situation and how you handled it?