Save more time and money while also reducing stress.

Running a business can be quite overwhelming. You are working to expand and make a profit while also managing day-to-day human resources (HR) tasks. To enable you to focus your efforts on activities that actually grow your business, we created a portal that will enhance your HR task management efficiency! It’s full of features that enable businesses to be increasingly self-sufficient.

Our portal is your one stop shop for all things related to benefits, payroll, and human resources management. It provides only the features that you need, eliminating the unnecessary noise (and cost) of those you don’t. Our portal is accessible via any computer or mobile browser, so you and your team can manage your HR tasks on the go.

It also has unique client and employee permissions to provide each user type with features specific to your role.

Unparalleled CLIENT-SPECIFIC features.

Employee management

Our portal enables clients to manage employee records in the Employee Profile section. As a client you would have the ability to make employment status changes (full-time, part-time, temporary, or on-call), and update information such as job title, department changes, and FLSA status (exempt or non-exempt). You would also have the flexibility to update personal information and rate of pay (job promotions, demotions, merit payments, transfers).

Our portal also has an eHire integration that enables onboarding of new hires electronically along with an electronic document storage section.

The eForm processing feature helps you stay organized by enabling you to send documents to your staff to sign electronically and automatically upload to your employe document section.

For companies needing help with their hiring process, we also have the option of integrating with an Applicant Tracking System (ATS).


The robust payroll features are true game changers! Within this section you have general prepopulated reports along with the ability to customize your own.

You can build custom reports that include general employee information such as employee benefits and tax election, birthdates, performance tracking, and tracking expiring certifications.

You also have the ability to process interim payrolls, allocate job costing, and track projects.

Benefits management

Our portal offers a conveniently integrated benefits enrollment section to reduce administrative burdens while helping you stay organized.

Efficiency boosting EMPLOYEE-SPECIFIC features.

Not only does our portal streamline HR administrative tasks for you, but also for your employees. One of the features available to your employees is a dashboard showcasing both UniqueHR and internal company news and employee updates to keep all your employees informed.

Employees will have the ability to review and update personal information such as contact information, personal W4 tax withholdings, and access W2s.

Employees can also review and update direct deposit information and access prior paycheck stubs to review gross pay, deductions, taxes, etc. For employees opting for alternate payment methods, they can request a debit card payment option directly on our portal.

Lastly, employees will be able to enroll for benefits online directly from our portal, as well as view and update their dependent and/or beneficiary selections.

All your information protected by robust security.

We understand you may have reservations trusting your employee information to a third party, which is why our portal is packed with security features. For starters, your data rests in a secure environment protected by encryption, cyphers, multi-factor authentication, and robust data replication.

The portal is also SOC 2 Type II audited, so only authorized people see your data.

Lastly, Microsoft Azure serverless technology provides unlimited scalability and performance, so you can get the data you need when you need it.

Where to go from here?

Our portal (and whole company, really) was developed to help you improve your HR workflow, freeing up time to focus on actually growing your business. Aside from the features now available on our portal, our team in Texas experienced in all things HR take your feedback seriously and make updates and improvements to our portal to best fit your business needs.

Since 1989, UniqueHR has helped companies like yours streamline HR administrative practices through our extensive services that help you stay compliant with all things related to HR. Contact us now to see how we can help you, too.