You’ve been researching your HR options for a while now and you have decided that a PEO is right for you. Being able to have a company take over all your HR responsibilities is going to help your bottom line because now you can focus on the more important aspects of business, generating sales.

Unfortunately, your research may not be over quite yet. Next comes finding the right PEO partner for your business needs.

Well, choosing any partner for your business can be stressful, and selecting the right PEO is no exception. Plus there are 700-900 PEOs serving all of the 50 United States, which can make your selection process that much harder.
So if you’re wondering how in the world you are going to choose a PEO with all the information you have taken in, don’t worry, we can help.

Here are a few essential questions you can ask a potential PEO.

  • Does the PEO meet your businesses specific needs?
  • What types of employee benefits can they provide?
  • Do they have accreditations from trusted sources such as ESAC, CEFEX, or CI?
  • Is the PEO a member of NAPEO?
  • Does the internal staff seem competent and knowledgeable?
  • Are the liabilities and responsibilities clearly laid out in their agreement terms?
  • Do they have a stable financial background?
  • What are the fees of their administration?
These are only a few examples of the questions you can ask a PEO. There are many more things you will need to know.

With that being said, another good rule of thumb is to evaluate what other companies are doing. Case studies are an authentic representation of how other businesses just like yours have found reputable companies for their HR needs.

That’s why we created this quick and easy guide, which provides you with the case studies of three companies that have chosen UniqueHR as their PEO provider. The case studies are interesting information and you may even find that your business needs are similar to theirs.