We all have high hopes for 2021 after reeling through the quagmire of 2020.  How will 2020 shape the workplace of 2021? Here are some top trends from the experts at Glassdoor, LinkedIn, and Benchmark One.

Changing workplace

One thing the experts agree on is that in the post-COVID-19 world, the workplace will never be the same.  Work-from-home has become the norm for 4 out of 10 U.S. workers now working full-time jobs from their kitchen table or home office.  LinkedIn predicts a hybrid workplace with employees splitting working hours between home and office on some level.  Glassdoor agrees that workers will do their jobs at least part-time from home.

Changing Workforce

Remote work opens the door to a dispersed and decentralized workforce, which may affect pay scales as companies in high-cost-of-living cities like New York or San Francisco won’t have the need to pay a premium for employees to live there. Glassdoor suggests pay adjustments of between -5% to -30% in these areas.  On the flipside, areas with a low cost of living may see an increase in pay as they compete for talent on a broader scale.

A decentralized workforce also means companies may struggle to hold on to their corporate identity, build teams, and maintain a high level of worker satisfaction.

The workforce is changing as Generation Z (those born after 1997) enter the workforce and women exit.  Benchmark One predicts with the entrance of Gen Z and their need for independence, work-from-home and flexible work schedules will be even further cemented in our work culture.  Employees are also demanding real progress in diversity equality and holding their employers accountable on other societal and environmental issues.

LinkedIn has gone so far to say that COVID-19 has undone the progress women have made in the workforce as evidenced by women having the highest unemployment rate since the 1980s.  25% of working women are downshifting their careers or leaving the workforce altogether.  COVID-19 highlighted the work-life balance women often struggle with.  Flexible work schedules will come into play in 2021 as employees juggle childcare, family, and health/safety concerns.

New technologies, new required skills, and shifting job responsibilities have all led to a greater need for training in 2021.  UniqueHR’s full suite of online training will help fill the training gap many companies may experience.

Get ready for 2021.  It’s a whole new world!