The Perfect Combination: Local Municipal Compliance & Human Resource Solutions


Our partner is a firm operating in one of largest cities in Texas. They relied heavily on our services for Human Resources Management, Workers’ Compensation Insurance & Claims Management, web-based Payroll, Safety Training, and Benefits.


As our partner continued to grow, they began submitting bids for large city contracts of business. They would provide essential services to the city to maintain the unencumbered flow of traffic on streets, roads, and public parking areas. This effort grew to become a very large part of their business.



As time went on Title 34, Section 20.13 of the Texas Administrative Code became part of the equation. This title mandated that each state agency make a good faith effort to utilize Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUB) in contracts for construction, services (including professional and consulting services). Consequently, any entity that was to be considered for these contracts would not only have to fulfill the services needed, but would also be required to have a specific portion of their annual outlays go to services from vendors who were certified as a HUB.


Our successful and long standing partnership with this partner, coupled with our Texas HUB certification, was match made in heaven. This arrangement insured that our partner met the threshold necessary to be in compliance with the municipality’s contract. As a result, our partner was able to maintain and pursue renewal of these contracts and many others.


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