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Our partner is a southern California based commercial powder coating company. Their primary operation includes large scale powder coating of military equipment, airline parts, commercial equipment and maritime equipment. Our partner services the US Department of the Navy, Halliburton, Boeing and other industrial partners.


Our partner started as a small industrial powder coating company in 1989 and grew to a respectable 15 employees that included office, warehouse, powder coaters and ownership. In 1998 the company added a large scale partner with Boeing and grew to approximately 30 employees. And in the aftermath of September 11th, the company earned a multi-year contract with the Department of Defense (DoD) to powder coat military equipment intended to be used in combat operations.


The effect was as follows:

  • Rapid expansion from (1) 30,000 square foot facility to 9 facilities that totaled 400,000 square feet.
  • (Per contractual stipulations) Increased demand for qualified employees in a very short period of time, ultimately settling at approx 175 employees encompassing two 10 hour shifts.
  • Increased regulatory compliance requirements with OSHA (both Federal and State).
  • Significant increase in human resource compliance, training, handbook, and general policy development
  • Increase in key person recruiting
  • Weekly inspections of facility by the DoD and Boeing Loss Control & Quality Control
  • Need for medical and ancillary employee benefits
  • Need for specialty payroll to include prevailing wage, job costing, per diems, accruals and processing



This partner used a consultant to win the bids, however they quickly found themselves over committed and under prepared beyond the general functions of a small company. Additionally, a moderate injury involving a chemical burn fell through the cracks and was not reported to the state. This caused many disputable facts regarding the injury to be dismissed as the legal time frame for denials or challenges had passed. As a result of the oversight, our partner was subject to numerous additional penalties. In fact, Boeing placed the partner on probation and gave them 90 days to implement change citing contractual obligations.


UniqueHR entered into a Client Services Agreement with our partner and the following course of action took place.

First 30 days:

  • A temporary partner liaison was placed at the partner site to guarantee the transition of the account from stand alone to partner
  • Risk Management and Human Resource efforts were launched to include loss control and safety (including the development of site specific safety manuals and IIPP programs–ultimately leading to a Golden Bear Designation), implementation of industry specific safety processes, development of internal safety committee, and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) were placed into operational procedures.
  • Employee handbook created
  • Manager training conducted
  • Employee file audits were conducted and updated as needed
  • Employee postings put into place
  • Payroll system implemented to include time clocks and software

Next 60 days:

  • Benefits development
  • Recruitment of new managers
  • Implementation of new employee handbook
  • Middle management implementation and trainings sessions
  • Weekly safety training and bi-weekly safety committee meetings

The partner grew its employee base and became compliant with HR and risk regulations.

The partner grew its employee base and became compliant with HR and risk regulations.


Additionally the partner engaged in consulting with our Risk Department to resolve tail claims and open claim issues from the past, allowing for a re-rating of the partners experience modifier. The partner grew its employee base and became compliant with HR and risk regulations.



“UniqueHR’s team of experts helped me establish a renewable legacy. My only wish is that we had it all in place sooner. But we all live and learn, right! And the future is bright for our organization.”

Jeff S, Principal
Commercial Powder Coating Company
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