Risk Management

Hazard Communication – GHS and Your Right to Know

31 Minutes

Course Objectives:

Hazard Communication means knowing about the possible dangers of the hazardous chemicals you use in your job and how to protect yourself against those hazards. The main objective of this session is to tell you about the hazards of materials in the workplace, and how to find the information you need to protect yourself and work safely.

By December 1, 2013, employers must train their employees how to read and interpret the new safety data sheets (SDSs). Many employers will go through a phase-in period where both MSDSs and SDSs will be present in the workplace. This situation is acceptable to OSHA, and employers will not be required to maintain two sets of MSDSs and SDSs for compliance purposes. During the training phase-in period, employers are allowed choose to comply with the HazCom standard for MSDSs; the revised HazCom standard for SDSs; or both.

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