Workers’ Compensation Insurance & Claims Management

Certified Self Insured

The Texas Workers’ Compensation Commission – Division of Self-Insurance Regulation issued UniqueHR (aka Bradford Holding Company) a certificate of Authority to certify self insure in March 2005. UniqueHR along with only 17 other private companies in Texas were granted this authority. Texas law allows certain qualified private employers to have the option to self insure their Workers’ Compensation liabilities while retaining the protection of Workers’ Compensation insurance coverage as provided for by the Texas Workers’ Compensation Commission Act.

UniqueHR along with 42 other companies have met the stringent financial as well as Workers’ Compensation risks and claims management requirements necessary to qualify as a Certified Self Insured authority. UniqueHR is the only PEO in Texas who has met this criterion. As such, we are extremely proud to be included in this elite group which is made up of companies such as FedEx, General Motors, Hyatt Corporation, International Paper, Lockheed Martin, and Valero Energy Group. All companies must maintain a 3A1 credit rating by Moody’s, A.M. Best, or Dun and Bradstreet.


Allowing employers to self-insure their Workers’ Compensation exposure through the Texas Workers’ Compensation Commission’s (TWCC’s) Certified Self-Insurance Program was one of the major insurance-related provisions included in the 71st Legislature’s 1989 WC reform package. When the self-insurance law was passed, a great deal of emphasis was placed on workplace safety and the financial strength of employers. The detailed application process for employers, stringent tests of financial strength and liquidity, and substantial security requirements make the Texas Certified Self-Insurance Program one of the most demanding in the country.

Benefits of Partnering with UniqueHR for Workers’ Compensation

  • $1,000,000 Coverage (excess limits up to 15M, if required)
  • Workers’ Compensation Administration & Claims Management
  • Exclusive Remedy Protection Under Workers’ Compensation Regulations
  • Back to Work Programs
  • Defense and Investigation of Fraudulent Claims

  • No Premium Down Payment (normally 20% of the premium)
  • Loss Prevention Program
  • Relief from Annual Audits, Adjustment of Payments, and Hearings by State
  • Workers’ Compensation Certificate of Insurance

Claims Management

UniqueHR provides responsible risk and claims management — a simple solution to an everyday challenge. We deliver a unique style of claims management that is a necessary tool for businesses and industries with very specific needs. Our goal is to educate our clients about risk within their organization with the highest amount of integrity and expertise. UniqueHR has a team of experienced professionals to assist our clients on managing risk effectively.


Self-insured firms have more of an incentive to control claim costs and be more effective at managing claims than insurance carriers.

-Texas Department of Insurance (TDI), Certified Self-Insurance & The Frequency and Severity of Workplace Injuries

Our clients depend on our Claims Management team to:

  • Handle claims appropriately rather than merely paying all medical and indemnity costs.
  • Responsibly provide prompt, personal service to employees while making sure that they adhere to the privileges and responsibilities of their coverage.
  • Aggressively seek subrogation when applicable.
  • Perform audits of open claims and evaluate the data.

  • Provide a centralized toll-free service for reporting injuries. (This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.)
  • Provide medical care management.
  • Manage the “Three Party Contact” (Employer, Doctor, and Insurance Carrier).
  • Schedule and coordinate “reasonable cause,” pre-employment, random testing and post-accident drug testing.

customer quote

“UniqueHR supports our philosophy of returning employees to work promptly by responding quickly to the injured, handling documentation, providing care for rehabilitation, and providing light duty work when necessary. Fraudulent claims are also reduced with their thorough investigation of each event.”


Owner - Moving and Storage Company

Return to Work Policy

The UniqueHR Workers’ Compensation Claims Management department works with you, your injured employee and medical providers to help the injured employee get back to work as soon as safely possible.

We encourage our clients to find modified duty at their company for injured employees but, if this is not possible, UniqueHR has established and maintains relationships with non-profit organizations where modified duty assignments may be available.


  • Follow-up with the treating physician to determine if there will be lost time and request work modification requirements needed by the injured employee.
  • Contact the employee with a job offer when an appropriate modified duty assignment is identified.
  • Stay in contact with the employee on modified duty and the medical providers to facilitate the employee’s Returning to Work.

customer quote

“I believe that being with UniqueHR is like having another insurance policy for my business. I can focus on sales activity and do not have to lie awake at night worrying about all this other stuff. I know that the administration of Workers’ Compensation insurance and claims are handled effectively, as well as all the other duties within their realm. I know that I can run a lean and efficient company without having to hire additional personnel to see about these things. I also have the peace of mind that it is done right! I’ve been with several other PEO’s and know that UniqueHR offers the best service. Everything they do, they do exceptionally well!”


Owner/CEO — Refinery Storage Tank Service

Drug Free Work Policy

It is the intention of UniqueHR to help provide a safe and drug-free work environment for our clients and employees. As such, we have established the following policy for existing and future employees of UniqueHR.


UniqueHR explicitly prohibits:

  • The use, possession, solicitation for, or sale of narcotics or other illegal drugs, alcohol, or prescription medication without a prescription on UniqueHR or customer premises or while performing an assignment.
  • Being impaired or under the influence of legal or illegal drugs or alcohol away from UniqueHR or customer premises, if such impairment or influence adversely affects the employee’s work performance, the safety of the employee or of others, or puts UniqueHR’s reputation at risk.
  • Possession, use, solicitation for, or sale of legal or illegal drugs or alcohol away from UniqueHR or customer premises, if such activity or involvement adversely affects the employee’s work performance, the safety of the employee or of others, or puts UniqueHR’s reputation at risk.
  • The presence of any detectable amount of prohibited substances in the employee’s system while at work, while on the premises of UniqueHR or its customers, or while on UniqueHR business. “Prohibited substances” include illegal drugs, alcohol, or prescription drugs not taken in accordance with a prescription given to the employee.

UniqueHR will conduct drug and/or alcohol testing under any of the following circumstances:

  • RANDOM TESTING: Employees may be selected at random for drug and/or alcohol testing at any interval determined by UniqueHR.
  • FOR-CAUSE TESTING: UniqueHR may ask an employee to submit to a drug and/or alcohol test at any time it feels that the employee may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, including, but not limited to, the following circumstances: evidence of drugs or alcohol on or about the employee’s person or in the employee’s vicinity, unusual conduct on the employee’s part that suggests impairment or influence of drugs or alcohol, negative performance patterns, or excessive and unexplained absenteeism or tardiness.
  • POST-ACCIDENT TESTING: Any employee involved in an on-the-job accident or injury under circumstances that suggest possible use or influence of drugs or alcohol in the accident or injury event may be asked to submit to a drug and/or alcohol test. “Involved in an on-the-job accident or injury” means not only the one who was or could have been injured, but also any employee who potentially contributed to the accident or injury event in any way.
  • If an employee is tested for drugs or alcohol outside of the employment context and the results indicate a violation of this policy, or if an employee refuses a request to submit to testing under this policy, the employee may be subject to appropriate disciplinary action, up to and possibly including discharge from employment. In such a case, the employee will be given an opportunity to explain the circumstances prior to any final employment action becoming effective.


Here’s what Connie Laughlin, Our Business Consultant Says:


“Credentials, certifications, and ratings are more critical now, than ever. For example, the petrochemical plants and oilfield industries are demanding low experience ratings from our clients. Should their Workers’ Compensation experience rating (or what is called EMod) go up, they could be asked to leave the jobsite or unable to bid on jobs. Our clients depend on us to provide advanced service solutions and superior risk management. UniqueHR’s Workers’ Compensation insurance and risk management program protects our clients from the pitfalls of going it alone. When any employer handling these things in-house experiences a loss, this directly impacts their business with increased rates and higher experience rating that potentially could shut-down their entire operation.”

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