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As a culmination of a process that began in 2007, our client is investing excess of $1 billion through their American-based operation to build a steel pipe manufacturing facility on a 253-acre site in South Texas. Construction of the 1.6 million square-foot facility will take approximately 34 months and will provide construction-related jobs for approximately 2,000 American workers.

As the plant begins operations, our client will employ an estimated workforce of 350-400 people. Once production ramps up, the operational workforce may ultimately expand to an estimated 600-800 workers. Since 2007, various Economic Development Corporations, and numerous officials and citizens have worked to encourage this investment. A preliminary study projected a total boost to the local economy of approximately $2.7 billion over the first decade of construction and operation of the facility.



As with any domestic startup operation — especially by a foreign-based entity, the obstacles that must be overcome can be overwhelming to say the least. Our client knew that identifying and recruiting key individuals would be of paramount importance as they looked to launch a successful domestic operation.


Our client needed a trusted and well established staffing partner in South Texas. They needed a staffing partner who not only handle on the community at large, but an ability to source the right types of talent who could perform successfully in these key roles—long term.

Upon retaining our services, our team worked hand in hand with the Director of Operations to identify and present some very impressive candidates for the roles. The quality of candidates and turnaround time was quoted as “extremely impressive” by our client.


The quality of candidates and turnaround time was quoted as “extremely impressive” by our client.


“Our executive team was absolutely elated. The process was and all employees are making significant impacts throughout our organization. We look forward to working together in with Unique Employment Service in the future.”

Jay J., Director of Operations
Steel Pipe Manufacturing Facility
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