ezPayPlus is our secure, on-line payroll system. You can access ezPayPlus from anywhere you have Internet access. ezPayplus has a user friendly interface which allows for rapid entry of timesheets. It can even be configured so that no data entry is required.

  • Need a department, job cost or a Certified payroll?

  • Need to view last years W-2 form or last weeks check stub (even if you're on direct deposit)?

  • Need multiple payroll reports or to view hours for a specific pay period?

No problem! ezPayPlus is flexible and provides you with multiple levels of access depending upon the rights assigned to the user. With ezPayPlus, you can view and print:

  • year-to-date payroll data.

  • employee work profile information.

  • paid leave status.

  • check stubs.

  • W-2's for past years.

  • payroll deductions and status.

Watch an ezPayPlus demo by clicking here.

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